Care Instructions


Sterling silver is a Fine Metal and a preferred choice of metal for use of jewellery to have lasting quality.   Sterling Silver jewellery is usually stamped 925.  This means it  contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper for added strength as pure sterling silver is too weak.  Our Sterling Silver is also Rhodium Plated on the Silver giving it a high shine that is lasting and extra protection, without the Rhodium plating the sterling silver will tarnish over time, the Rhodium prevents this from occuring.


Stainless Steel (316) is a stainless steel  that is used for lasting and durable metals, they can be worn in humidity as the metal is often used in marine environments because of its resistance to rust and corrosion.  It is also commonly used surgically for piercings therefore very hygienic, being an anti-allergy and anti-tarnish steel.  We choice to use Stainless Steel on items that require alot of metal due to the strength of metal to have lasting quality especially when combined with our leather jewellery.


IP plating is used on our Stainless Steel products. It is the most advanced surface coating processes used on Stainless Steel products.

It produces a harder and  durable coating with a bright finishing coating on the surface.


All jewellery must be cared for by placing  your jewellery in a clean and dry area or preferably our pouches or packaging provided. Please avoid leaving or storing  your jewellery in  damp environments or bathrooms as this will tarnish and discolour metals. Also avoid storing in  sunlight or humid environments. To clean silver please polish with a Jewellery cloth, avoid cleaning with chemicals, a little Bi carb soda assists in bringing back the shine.

Stainless Steel: While stainless steel does not  rust or tarnish you may clean with a soft cloth and warm water to remove any grime build up. After cleaning, jewellery must be dried thoroughly with a dry cloth.  Avoid contact with cleaning agents and chemicals such as Self Tanning lotions or sprays, avoid perfumes or hair sprays.


Excessive water, light and chemicals can alter the colour and appearance of stones. When not in use, keep stones in a dark dry place. To clean stones, wipe over with soft, slightly moist cloth (avoid too much moisture). After cleaning, dry thoroughly with a dry cloth.


Our 925 sterling silver rhodium plated jewellery are designed to be worn often, many leave them on and wear them in shower, the metal can endure wearing it all the time however be aware that all jewellery may be subjected to wear and tear over time.  We advise to always take care with fine chains as they may snap if pulled with force and the jewellery is not covered under its 6 month warranty on obvious Wear and Tear.   It is best to care for your jewellery once you take it off, store it neatly so chains do not tangle and to store out of sunlight and damp areas.  Please note ore suedes and leathers can be gently cleaned, void wetting them as they will weaken over time and then suedes will eventually break.  Please be aware that the Suede lariats if worn everyday eventually over years the suede material will soften and weaken, take care in wearing to have them last as long as possible.