8mm Ball Suede “Karma O” Toggle Lariat – Navy/Rose Gold

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Good Karma Lariats have our reminder messages  “Karma” and “What goes Around, comes Around”.  These popular lariats not only add style to any outfit, they also serve a purpose by reminding you to stay aligned with Positive thoughts in order to create Positive lives.  Embracing the Powerful Universal Laws of Attraction, we believe What You do, What You say and What You feel are exactly what comes back to You, Always!

Multi ways to wear:  Choker Lariat by double it around, double up as scarf necklace, classic long lariat necklace.

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Length:        95cm

Element:     8mm ball beads & all metal components are Stainless Steel with IP coating for long lasting wear (Silver or Rose Gold) combined with high quality suedes.

Metal Circle message:        What goes Around, comes Around.