Eye of Protection Bracelet – Rose Gold

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Eye of Protection has been used by many ancient cultures as a Sacred Symbol of Protection.  Also known as the “All Seeing Eye”, it was used to ward off the “Evil Eye” which are jealous and envious forces that may cause you harm and sudden illness.  Feel divinely protected when you wear our Sacred Symbol of the Eye of Protection which reminds you that you are Protected by Pure Love and White Divine Light.  Our Eye is also a symbol of our Third Eye, it reminds you to Trust your Instinct as your Inner Knowing & your gut-feeling is always right.  An ideal gift for travellers for a safe journey.

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Length:        Fine Chain 15cm with extender to 18cm

Element:     925 Sterling Silver with 18 Karat Rose Gold  plating & Clear CZ stones

Packaging:  White Luxe Gift box with ribbon & Keepsake card outlining meaning of the Symbol.