Eye of Protection Suede Adjustable necklace – Tan/Rose Gold

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“Eye of Protection” symbol has been used by many ancient cultures as a Sacred Symbol of Protection.  Also known as the “All Seeing Eye”, it has been used to ward off the “Evil Eye” which are jealous and envious forces that may cause you harm or sudden illness.  The Eye is also known to protect you when you are vulnerable and too trusting in others when they do not have your best intentions in mind, reminder when your instinct or gut feeling nudges you that something does not feel right, trust it as it is your inner guidance system or as we say your “third eye” protecting you.

Multi ways to wear:   Best worn as Choker or adjust to wear Classic mid length or Long length necklace.

  • Description

Adjustable Length:    Has a sliding adjuster on back to wear from short to long.

Element:     Metal components are Stainless Steel with IP coating for long lasting wear (Silver or Rose Gold) combined with high quality suedes.

Metal Symbol:     Eye of Protection symbol – ancient beliefs it keeps harm away from its wearer.