Harmony of Mind Body & Soul Bracelet Amazonite & Silver


Mind Body & Soul Collection is created with Semi-Precious stones / crystals that from ancient times were used for energy clearing. Metaphysically it is said crystals vibrational frequency resonates with our bodies energy fields.  Align you mind with Positive thoughts , honour your body as your temple and connect with vibrational energy of crystals to raise your personal vibration.

  • Description

Amazonite is known to settle the Spirit and Calm the Soul . It is an empowering stone of truth and courage, it connects to our Throat Chakra and also to our Heart Chakra of Love.

Connect with Amazonite spiritual energy to feel empowered to manifest your dreams and desires.

Stone    :  Semi Precious 6mm Stone Facet Amazonite

Sizing :  Stretch Bracelet for Average Ladies Wrist Size Approx 7cm in Diameter

Element :  925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating

Packaging : Branded Pouch