Power Word PROTECT Cuff Silver

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Affirmations are power words, our cuffs remind you to say the word, feel it and believe it. By repeating these words daily you then re program your belief system by replacing previous negative thought patterns with positive words and therefore attracting positive energy back to you.

  • Description

Our power word PROTECT, reminds you to feel Protected by the power of Pure Love & Light. By reminding yourself that you are Protected in Love, it gives you a feeling of peace and harmony. When you are fearful you are in a lower vibration therefore feeling Protected in Love gives you the comfort in knowing that you are feeling more positive and therefore assists in attracting positive situations to you.

This makes a meaningful beautiful gift to anyone you Love or to anyone who is in need of feeling Protected in Love & Light.

Metal:  Stainless Steel  IP coating.

Size:  Unisex design as One size fits all – metal is bendable to ensure a secure fit.